Dead Tongues Plays 2002 NWAV Party

The Stanford Linguistics Department hosted the 2002 NWAV Conference and on Saturday, October 12, they put on a party, with music provided by Dead Tongues.

Here are some quicktime `home movies' of the gig. They were made by Lauri Karttunen and Annie Zaenen. Quicktime (for either Macs or PCs) can be downloaded for free HERE.

Proud Mary (Aarthi Belani)---Mustang Sally (Meredith Josey)---Route 66 (Ivan Sag)---Stormy Monday (Elaine Richardson)--- Hootchie Cootchie Man (Geoff Nunberg)---Love Me Tender (John Rickford)---Down Home Blues (Elaine Richardson)

More ---

Here are some pictures: Aarthi up close--- Meredith belts one out--- Carrie wails--- The band in black and white

And a lot more pictures, taken by Luis Casillas are available HERE.

Dead Tongues 2002:

Aarthi Kumar Belani - vocals - (Stanford class of 2001; law student, NYU; DTs alum: 2000, 2001)
Meredith Josey - vocals - (Grad student in Linguistics, NYU; DTs alum: 2000)
Carrie McAndrews - vocals - (Stanford class of 2001; now at Ms. Magazine; DTs alum: 2001)
Mike Rollin - harmonica - (Stanford class of 2001; med student, University of Colorado Health Sciences Center; DTs alum: 2000, 2001)
Phil Knudsen - drums - (Bay Area lawyer and jazz musician; DTs rookie, but played in a band with Ivan at prep school in 1966! (Were you born yet?))
Jon Steiner - guitar - (Bay Area lawyer and jazz musician; DTs rookie, but you can listen to the Jon Steiner Trio HERE - and buy the CD.)
George Figgs - bass - (Grad student in Linguistics, University of Colorado, Boulder; DTs rookie, but played with Ivan and Dan Jurafsky at the 1999 Linguistic Institute in Urbana)
Ivan Sag - keyboards and vocals - (Professor, Stanford Linguistics; DTs cofounder)

Special guest stars:

Geoff Nunberg [Stanford; DTs cofounder] (Hoochie Coochie Man; Roller Derby Queen)
Elaine Richardson [Penn State] (Down Home Blues; Dr. Feelgood; Stormy Monday)
John Rickford [Stanford] (Love Me Tender)

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