Grammar and Processing Group

The Stanford GAPGROUP grew out of a seminar on wh-constructions given by Ivan Sag in 2004. A critical reading of the generative literature led to the inescapable conclusion that the effects of processing difficulty had not been properly controlled for in generative theorizing about "island constraints". The group, consisting originally of Inbal Arnon (now at U. Manchester), Bruno Estigarribia (now at U. North Carolina), Philip Hofmeister (now at UCSD), T. Florian Jaeger (now at U. Rochester), Jeanette Pettibone (now at H5), and Neal Snider (now at U. Rochester), currently also includes David Clausen, Laura Staum (now at MPI, Nijmegen) and Tom Wasow. In various combinations, we have conducted experiments showing the mitigation of island effects when further factors engendering processing difficulty are properly controlled.


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Hofmeister, Philip. 2007. Representational Complexity and Memory Retrieval in Language Comprehension. Stanford PhD Thesis. (.pdf file)

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18th CUNY Sentence Processing Conference. Rethinking Superiority Effects: A Processing Model. [.ppt]
HOWL 3: Hopkins Workshop on Language. Processing Explains Superiority Effects. [.pdf] [.ppt]

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